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Fully certified in multiple forms of counselling therapies, Bunyarra Counselling and Mediation will have both the right Counsellor and the correct therapy to assist you in reaching your goals.

The Counsellors provided by this service come from diverse backgrounds with many specialist areas, both with mainstream and alternative counselling approaches and targeted topics, in return, increasing the likelihood of a successful and positive outcome for the client.

An Individual Tailored Service

Are you finding yourself struggling, stuck in the moment?
Do you feel you may benefit from having a professional to talk to?
Bunyarra Counselling and Mediation pride itself on having a vast knowledge of both common and alternative therapies.
By having a wide range of options we as a service can ensure you are provided with the right form of counselling at the right time.

1 on 1 Counselling Services

Bunyarra have passionate and skilled practitioners available for 1 on 1 counselling, relationship counselling and counselling in group settings.

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Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Bunyarra is changing the way workplaces respond to mental health and supporting the wellbeing of your employees using our award-winning workplace wellbeing training programs.

I absolutely love those moments when you have a break through, a real good outcome, and a client is living the life they want and deserve. Today I received this from a client. "Thank you Bunyarra for your incredible support. Life has certainly never been easy, but through my personal work with your service, I have been able to make huge progress and really start hitting goals.


Bunyarra offer a wide range of corporate mediation to support you and your business, improve your communication skills, and reduce conflict within the workplace.

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Guest Speaking / Keynote Speakers

Bunyarra’s engaging and insightful guest speakers can support your event or function. If you have something in mind, why not reach out and see if Bunyarra is the right fit for you?

“You know what is really #goals? Being truly happy with yourself, your decisions, your body, your relationships, your life”

“Thank you Michael and your team for their genuine care and compassion. When someone cares as much as yourself and your organisation great things happen that benefits all of our community”