Since 2019

Bunyarra was founded in 2019 by Michael Sanford, after identifying many gaps within the sector and his region. As Bunyarra began to focus on addressing these particular gaps, the counselling service evolved and Narelle quickly came on board as Program Manager.

Since 2019, the team at Bunyarra have not only continued to uphold their vision of identifying needs within their community but also looked broader at what needs Bunyarra can support on a larger scale.

Michael Sanford and Narelle - the team at Bunyarra Counselling and Mediation

Bunyarra’s Award winning wellbeing program!

In 2020 Bunyarra launched their award winning training program – “Spotlight on Wellbeing”. This program has a strong focus on a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing. The program has been well received throughout all of Queensland, especially within the business sector.

Community Focussed

Bunyarra is continuing to have a strong community focus and a vision for changing the way workplaces see and respond to wellbeing within the workplace.

Award Winning Wellbeing Programs

Our Team

Michael Sanford

Michael Sanford

Principal Practitioner / Director

Narelle Sanford

Narelle Sanford


Why Choose Us

Award Winning Experience

The team at Bunyarra have a long history in the field of counselling and wellbeing. Since creating Bunyarra Counselling and Mediation, the team behind the business have been nominated, finalists and winners of numerous awards as a result of the programs developed to target and respond to mental health and wellbeing.

Custom Everything

Bunyarra is known for their ability to increase psychological flexibility within the workplace, and in return, achieve great outcomes. The team at Bunyarra do not have a set program for you, but rather, sit with, listen to, and develop the right programs and supports to best achieve the right outcomes for you and your business.

No Such Thing As Too Far

We are Bunyarra may be based in the beautiful South Burnett in Sunny Queensland – although this does not mean we can not travel to you to deliver the supports you may require. Why not reach out to the team and see what they can do to support you.

“Bunyarra provide great training sessions, with a great mix of personality, and the value of discussing important issues”